Rorschach Test

To a large extent, the poignancy of a photograph is held in a lack of touch.  Presenting what is not present, the photograph pronounces something to be while uttering a nevermore.  There is a tension between intimacy and distance. 

These images are a testimony to a union; they are amalgamated photographs of the skins of my parents' hands. The resulting images speak with an authoritative nature of truth that has been traditionally bestowed upon the photograph, but it is a lie.  It has been manipulated.  However, it is the manipulation which speaks a touching truth about human contacts.

My sister and I stand as the intimate distance of our parents. Divorced when I was six, they are brought back together here, albeit, as an apparition.  These images are the embodiment of a closeness and inseparableness of a past untied.

[4x5, selenium-toned, silver-gelatin, contact prints.]